Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Week of Kindergarten

Last Monday, Laney had her first day of kindergarten. She has been counting down the days all summer and was so excited to go. Erich had taken her to meet her teacher the week before and she was anxious to go back on Monday morning. I seemed to be handling the situation well until Erich gave her a Father's blessing on Sunday night. And then it hit me that she was really going away to school.

She got up Monday morning and got herself ready in her outfit of choice. We packed her lunch and she kept asking if it was time to go yet. I walked her to her classroom and was able to go in with her for a little bit. And while she was still so excited, I could see she was a little nervous. But she sat at her table and tried to get me to stop taking pictures. (She was pretty much over the photos before we started taking them.) The parents were able to go on a little tour with the teacher and then her teacher told the kids to say good-bye. Most kids went to hug their parents, mine waved and said good-bye. I insisted on a hug and kiss and told her to be good.

I cried as I left the school- not so much because I was sad she was growing up but because I have spent way too much time in the school system. I worried that kids would be mean or that she wouldn't have friends. Or that she wasn't going to like it. And then I went home to a house that seemed extra quiet. (Laney is definitely our loudest child.) And Allie and I kept checking the clock to see if it was time for her to come home yet. We made her a special treat and were excited when it was finally time to walk to the bus stop. And while she almost didn't get off the bus and then had a slight breakdown when Allie reported that we had already been swimming without her, she was so excited about school. She skipped part of the walk home (which is saying a lot since it was 105 degrees out.) And while she was pretty quiet on what she did at school, she reported that she liked it and was excited to go back the next day.

So now we have finished one week. And it's been a good week. Everyday she comes home with a little more information. She is finally learning peoples' names. She chases boys at recess (She's only 5!). She received an invite to a BOY in the class's birthday party ("His mom invited the whole kindergarten" according to Laney. She doesn't get that there is 6 classes of kindergarteners). Allie, Nixon and I joined her for lunch on Friday which she loved. But was quick to leave us when she saw her friends going to recess. She is learning to do proper jumping jacks from Mr. Mike. She thinks the bus is great. She was able to check out a book from the library. And when I asked her Friday morning on our drive to school if she liked school, she replied, "yes." And when I asked her if she like her teacher, she replied with "I love it all." It makes me happy to know that she is happy. (But if she gave me some info about what they actually do at school for 7 hours that would be nice too.)

Now if I could just figure out how to keep Allie entertained all day, then life would be great.


Courtney said...

thanks! she's all grown up - cute little laney!

Rachele said...

I know it is so hard to see your oldest grow up. I still cried when I took abby to school. it just breaks my heart. congrats on a girl what fun!

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