Sunday, August 21, 2011

What a waste

So I am the first to admit that I am somewhat strict with our kids. I spent a lot of time in junior highs and I know what I don't want my kids to turn in to. (Not that my rules are guaranteed to work, I know.)

One thing I am fairly strict about is eating all of their food, in particular their dinner. I try to be a good judge of what they can eat. With foods I know they don't really care for, I onlyy give them 2 or 3 bites. But they are expected to eat their dinner. And they may not have anything else to eat if they haven't finished it.

So at Laney's school, all the kids are given breakfast in their classrooms every morning. (I am pretty sure it is some grant from some agency.) I have always been skeptical of the program because it seems like a big waste of food and money. When she came home on the first day of school, I asked her what she did with her milk, cereal, and juice. And her reaction pretty much summed it all up for me. She half-laughed and then said, " The other teacher said I could throw it in the garbage. So I did." Followed by another half-laugh. It was as if she was saying to me, I am actually allowed to throw food tin the trash and so I am going to.

Like I said, what a waste.

And don't worry, Erich and I have been trying to reinforce taht it is not good to waste food and that she shouldn't throw it away just for fun.


Ashley said...

That is so funny. That does seem like a total waste:)

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